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Great People Grow

Great Companies

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People make the difference in every organization. Including yours. Whether you’re an executive–an entrepreneur –or an employee–you want your career, workplace and everyday world to mean something.

 That’s where we come in. Resource Link believes that “great people grow great companies”, and that great leadership and success are attainable and achievable.

We help you move toward those goals,


With your executive team

By company, department, or team

Backed by 28 years of experience and validated assessment tools powered by TTI Success Insights, we deliver our services in a profoundly personal and professional way. Whether it’s executive coaching, talent management, or team building, Resource Link has experience and passion you can trust.

Partner with us to:


Be an impactful leader.

Our coaching will help you get clarity about your strengths and limiting thought processes. Improve your interactions with others, achieve more and reclaim your life.


Energize and engage your team.

We consult with businesses to get the right people in the right seats on the bus. For ineffective teams, we root out problems and strengths to foster collaboration.


Excel in business and enjoy life.

When you’re more effective, you’re more energized. Plus, you have focus and time for what you find rewarding and fulfilling, both professionally and personally.

Who Are We?

Resource Link is an association of experts who come together as a team to consult, train and coach clients in attaining their corporate, professional, and personal goals.

Lori Link

Behavioral Coach, Consultant & Facilitator

Executive coach and consultant Lori Link facilitates breakthroughs that transform business owners and managers into impactful leaders and turn workforces into powerful, producing teams. Insightful and results-focused, Lori mentors people at start-ups, entrepreneurial companies and Fortune 500 corporations as they forge outcomes that are beneficial to business and personally energizing.

A veteran of the corporate world, Lori found she was most effective and invigorated when informally coaching her colleagues and team. She turned this innate gift into a career calling, joining the ranks of those who helped define the professional coaching profession. For two decades, she has combined her natural, intuitive talents for coaching with disciplined methodologies and proven tools that help leaders, teams and individuals achieve their goals.

Those goals are as varied as the individuals and companies she counsels. She coaches leaders so they can get clarity about their strengths and limiting thought processes. She consults with companies on people plans to  not only get the right people on the bus, but get them sitting in the right seats and driving toward a shared goal. She helps entrepreneurs overcome founder syndrome so they can grow their businesses while also reclaiming their lives. And, she facilitates resolutions for ineffective or discordant teams so they can root out problems, recognize individual strengths and achieve a common vision.

Lori sees the potential leader in everyone, whether they be a CEO, an employee on a team of 200 or a solopreneur. Her approach to developing individuals and teams incorporates insights from data-driven assessments with personalized coaching and consulting that help people find new clarity, improve their interactions with others and maximize their effectiveness.

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